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Maintenance can be one of the biggest cost factors on any property. We are able to minimize these costs and pass the savings on to our clients because:

Over the years we have developed great business relationships with many hand picked, trusted businesses that are willing to give us discounted rates on their parts and services.

When a costly repair is necessary we don't believe our clients need to be surprised when they get their monthly statement, so we provide in house maintenance service people to provide cost estimates and bids to you BEFORE the work begins.

We keep all invoices and receipts on file for our clients so we can provide them for refunds, proof of purchase, tax purposes, etc, when needed.

Services we provide include:
  • Cleaning of vacant units                         
  • Trash and debris removal
  • Painting
  • Trim work
  • Door installation
  • Minor plumbing repair/maintenance
  • Licensed & Insured Building Contractor
  • (remodeling, framing, new construction)
  • Licensed and Bonded Sewer Installation